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    [b:544f59060b]JUNE 4[/b:544f59060b]

    The Better Half and i are in the midst of a major remodeling project at our house. Walls and ceilings are ripped down to the studs and rafters. Funky framing, plumbing and electrical service that must have never been inspected is being replaced and done properly. Serious modifications are taking place to improve the livability of our abode. One of the results of this work is that all of my music, along with my stereo equipment, is being stored in cardboard boxes inside a "Pods" storage unit out in the driveway. Needless to say, this makes putting together a radio show a bit of a challenge. Not being able to peruse my music or listen to it at will is how I’m going to roll for much of the summer.

    Digging through boxes to find music is time consuming. It’s enough to get me to enter the world of digital downloading. Music stored on a hard-drive would be a nice thing for me to have right now. I see more and more DJ’s at WCNI using laptops or iPods as music sources. I don’t think that I could ever not use LP’s and CD’s at WCNI but I can see me adding a digital source to the mix, shortly.

    One saving grace that I have, musically speaking, is the WCNI library. It is relatively extensive in the genres that I enjoy listening to and i am comfortable digging through it. I’ll be leaning on the library more than usual this summer to provide me with inspiration, as it did on this night.

    Unh! – Malombo – Unh!
    1983 – A Merman I Should Turn To Be – Gil Evans – The G.E. Orch. Plays The music Of Jimi Hendrix
    Sound Rising – Chico Hamilton – Trio!
    Three Flights Up – Pat Metheny – Question and Answer

    Mwandihi Outcome – Christian McBride – Live At Tonic
    Memory Serves – Material – Memory Serves
    The Ministry Of Truth – Bobby Previte – The Coalition Of The Willing
    Conform To The Rhythm – Material – Memory Serves

    Get Modal – El-P – High Water

    Take Me Nowhere – Medeski, Martin & Wood – Uninvisible
    Variations Cybernetique Pt. 1 – DJ Spooky – Optometry
    Asphalt – DJ Spooky – Optometry
    Nocturnal Transmission – Medeski, Martin & Wood – Uninvisible
    Duke Of Madness Motors – Firesign Theatre – Dear Friends (comp)
    When The Moon Was Blue – El-P – High Water

    Jesus Maria – Jimmy Giuffre – Fusion
    Emphasis – Jimmy Giuffre – Fusion
    As Of Now – Ken Nordine – A Transparent Mask
    Am Kamin – Giorgio Gaslini – Schumann Relections
    Ritter Vom Steckenpfred – Giorgio Gaslini – Schumann Reflections
    Schumann Reflections III – Giorgio Gaslini – Schumann Relections

    Wailing Wall – Herbie Mann – Concerto Grosso In D Blues
    Prelude, Op. 9, No. 1 – Fred Hersch – Red Square Blues
    The Young Prince And Princess – Fred Hersch – Red Square Blues

    2nd Movement – Bill Evans – Symbiosis

    Out Of Phaze – Graham Haynes – Tones For The 21st Century
    Adonia – Claus Ogerman – Claus Ogerman Featuring Micheal Brecker
    Boulevard Tristesse – Claus Ogerman – Claus Ogerman Featuring Michael Brecker
    Osmosis Pt. 1 – Paul Motian – I Have The Room Above Her
    The Bag Man – Paul Motian – I Have The Room Above Her
    Coin In Pocket – Joni Mitchell – Mingus
    The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines – Joni Mitchell – Mingus
    Lucky – Joni Mitchell – Mingus
    Goodby Pork Pie Hat – Joni Mitchell – Mingus

    The Tenth World – Joni Mitchell – Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter
    Dreamland – Joni Mitchell – Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter
    Glu Glu – Omar Sosa – Across The Divide
    Gabriel’s Trumpet – Omar Sosa – Across The Divide

    Garrion – Dino Saluzzi – Citi De La Musique

    Bacative – Tricky – Knowles West Boy
    Joseph – Tricky – Knowels West Boy
    Veronika – Tricky – Knowles West Boy
    C’mon Baby – Tricky – Knowles West Boy

    Spacetime Continuum – Ponga – Ponga Remixed

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