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    I haven’t written in a bit, so here are the latest additions to the WCNI RPM stacks…

    Nov. 2005

    Grey Area And Then The Clouds waveform

    Ghislain Poirier Break Up Down Chocolate Industries

    Revolution 9 am/fm Scarab

    Carmen Rizzo Remix ep The Lab

    Ulrich Schnauss Far Away Trains Passing By Domino

    Twink The Broken Record Seeland

    And for December, 2005:

    Soul Searching The Compost Radio Show Compost
    (aka Michael Rutten)

    Choncey Langford The Enthusiast Woodson Lateral

    DJ Morpheus I Can’t Live Without My Radio Tigersushi

    Morgan Page Cease and Desist Nuance

    Yoko Solo The Beeps Quake Trap

    Various I Like It (vol.2) Compost
    Various = (Trevor Jackson, Pole, Richard Dorfmeister, & Trickski)

    For fans for instrumental electronica Check out the releases by Grey Area, Ulrich Schnauss, Choncey Langford, and Yoko Solo. They are all good in their own right . You can’t go wrong with any of these

    For something a little different, check out Soul Searching ‘s (aka Michael Rutten) The Compost Radio Show; Various (Trevor Jackson, Pole, Richard Dorfmeister, & Trickski) I Like It (vol.2); and DJ Morpheus‘ I Can’t Live Without My Radio. These fall under the mixed compilation category. The tracks on each CD reflect the artist’s (or DJ’s) personal taste. Michael Rutten takes the deeper, soulful route. DJ Morpheus (Samy Birnbach formerly of Minimal Compact) ventures into 80’s new wave. Lastly, Trevor Jackson, Pole, Richard Dorfmeister, & Tricksk’s tastes are more far reaching. After listening to Richard Dorfmeister’s selectons, give his Tosca release another visit. Hmmm,.

    Out of this crop of releases, I am liking the Revolution 9, Morgan Page, and Twink releases. Yes Revolution 9 is back oh so soon with some more Depeche Mode sounding tracks. This is actually a good thing even though the real Depeche Mode’s current release is in the rock shelf. Morgan Page showcass his recent crop of remixes. These are designed for dancefloor satisfaction. Of course his remix of ‘Angels’ by Wax Poetic feat. Norah Jones is here – this is the track that notoriously put him on the map. Oiut of this compilation, I personally like his take on Teegan & Sara’s ‘Walking With A Ghost’ and Anton Dvorak’s ‘Symphony #9’. Yes, Morgan makes classical music work on the dancefloor!

    Listening to Ghislain Poirier, I guess it would fall under hip hop. However, the beats are more synthetic, a little more experimental. Call it blip hop? Whatever you call it, it still has a sort of bounce. There is even a track featuring guest MC dujour Beans – “Cold As Hell”. However, the reps give this track an FCC warning. Anyway, there are plenty of other tracks to check out.

    And lastly, I have to say I love Twink!. First of all this release is on Negativeland’s Seeland label. Automatic cool cred right there. And second, it is an album of lovingly cut and pasted vintage children’s records. Twink’s (aka Mike Langlie) previous releases usually feature him performing on toy instruments. This time, he digs into his collection of vintage children’s recirds and splices together 21 tracks of mixed up goodness. If you are a fan of artists like Fatboy Slim, give Twink a listen!!! For some reason, this album gives me fond memories of going to Almacs with my mom way back when. You see, in the first aisle, they had a little rack of kiddie 45’s. Every so often we would leave with one. Perhaps this was a catalyst that set the direction of where I have been headed…

    I guess this wraps things up for now. Stay tuned, I will be posting my year end revue shortly!

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