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    We Rock – Dio
    Still Echoes – Lamb Of God
    Bay of Pigs – Civil War
    Black Hearted Soul – Angra
    Satan – NIGHT DEMON
    Neon Knights – Anthrax
    Die White Witch Die – Satan’s Wrath
    Angel in Vines – Secrets of the Sky
    Shadow of Reality – Valkyrie
    Carry On – Valkyrie
    Mr. Freedom – Clutch
    Holy Diver – KSE
    Lazarus – Tau Cross
    Gladstone – The Midnight Ghost Train
    BC Trucker – The Midnight Ghost Train
    Arvonia – The Midnight Ghost Train
    She Was a Witch – Ashtar
    The Czar – Mastodon
    Iron Swan – The Sword
    Cloak of Feathers – The Sword
    Motioning – Empty Vessels
    Human – Blackout
    The Goat – Bloodhorse
    Lord and Master – Brimestone Coven
    Your Corrupt Ways – Witch Mountain
    Rainbow in the Dark – Dio
    plus the entire new Goliathan lp from Weedeater

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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