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    Lot of stuff came into RPM land here at WCNI. Perhaps you’ve heard some of it?

    Banco De Gaia “Farewell Ferengistan” Six Degrees

    Girl Talk “Night Ripper” Illegal Art

    Cut Chemist “The Audience’s Listening” Warner /

    Fluorescent Grey “Lying on the floor…” Isolate

    City of Industry “ Not A Step” Local (Norwich, CT)

    Four tet “DJ Kicks” K7

    7L & Esoteric “A New Dope” Babygrande

    Umwelt “Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation” Satamile

    Masters Of Groove “Meet DJ-9” Jazzateria

    Peaches “Impeach My Bush” XL

    Plaid & Bob Jaroc “Greedy Baby” Warp

    Madrid De Los Austrias ”!Mas Amor!” Sunshine

    Ryuichi Sakamoto “Bricolages” KA’+B

    Simplicity “Simplicity” Soma Sonic

    URBS “Toujours Le Meme Film” G-Stone

    Right now, I am loving the Cut Chemist, Peaches, Girl Talk, as well as the 7L & Esoteric.

    Also, I am giving support to local sound sculptor City Of Industry. This stuff is basically sparce ambient soundscapes. they can stand on their own, but can be layered with other things. I like the last two tracks on the CD (the tracks are not named) – Ask for it!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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