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    John E

    Hey – this one is top-down – yay

    Artist name Song name Release title
    Bobby McFerrin Drive Don’t Worry, Be Happy
    Valley Park Bench Park Bench
    Babe Rainbow The Faraway Nearer Today
    Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird Love Is Heartbreak Love Is Heartbreak
    Kraak & Smaak featuring Izo FitzRoy Sweet Time feat. Izo FitzRoy Pleasure Centre
    Beck Uneventful Days Hyperspace
    Girl Ray Girl Girl
    Begonia Beats Fear
    The Jay Vons The Word The Word
    Big Thief Forgotten Eyes Two Hands
    Daniel Martin Moore Loud & Clear Never Look Away
    Bonnie Bishop Every Happiness Under the Sun The Walk
    Broken Bells Good Luck 30th Century Records Vol 2
    The New Pornographers You’ll Need A New Backseat Driver In The Morse Code Of Brake Lights
    The Safes Dreams That Ignite Winning Combination
    The High Dials My Dream Addiction Primitive Feelings
    Allah-Las Keeping Dry LAHS
    Temples It’s All Coming Out Hot Motion
    The Black Keys Lo/Hi Lo/Hi
    FRANKIIE Compare Compare
    Starover Blue Janeway Ordinary Magic
    The Deer Stark Raven Do No Harm
    Alex Bloom After Chaos / Control
    FEET Axe Man What’s Inside is More Than Just Ham
    Allen Stone Miscommunicate Building Balance
    The Rubinoos Watching the Sun Go Down From Home
    Diesel Park West Let It Melt Let It Melt
    Guerilla Toss Plants What Would the Odd Do? ep
    Belle and Sebastian Did The Day Go Just Like You Wanted? Days of the Bagnold Summer
    Beatific Smile Dangerous The Sunshine ep
    Japanese Wallpaper Imaginary Friends Glow
    Hatchie Unwanted Guest Friends Forever Vol 2
    Lightouts Shake Your Sweet Wake
    Those Pretty Wrongs Ain’t Nobody But Me Zed for Zulu
    Marco Benevento Oh Baby Can’t You See Let It Slide
    Cones Inner Voice Pictures of Pictures
    Rawb Middleton Throw the Cap Away What Is It?…and Why Is It Here?
    Sofa City Sweetheart In This Lifetime Super(b) Exitos
    Frankie Cosmos A Joke Close It Quietly
    Kelly Hoppenjans Portrait of Your Life Ok, I Feel Better Now
    Chris Farren I Was Amazing Born Hot
    Dan Israel Alright Social Media Anxiety Disorder
    Levitation Room Mr. Polydactyl Cat Headspace

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