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    John E

    tuscany – gideon freudmann – adobe dog house
    going under (in a way) – sarah donner – typing is dangerous
    daydreaming – dark dark dark – wild go
    four dreams – jesca hoop – hunting my dress
    while men are dreaming – jenny and johnny – i’m having fun now

    wrong side – samantha gibb & the cartel – wrong side ep
    that’s no way to get along – eric clapton – clapton
    the co-dependent – sia – we are born
    the pharmacy – bettie serveert – pharmacy of love
    tantalized – the church – deep in the shallows: the classic singles collection
    reel around the fountain – the smiths – s/t

    under the milky way – the church – deep in the shallows: the classic singles collection
    dreamaniacs – bettie serveert – attagirl
    you stayed up with the lights on – the salteens – grey eyes
    seven second store – tango in the attic – bank place locomotive society
    candy – magic kids – memphis
    get real get right – sufjan stevens – the age of adz

    miles high – gabriel mintz – volume one
    a man who knows a few things – the redemption center – land of plenty

    albatross – rufus wainwright – born to the breed: a tribute to judy collins
    up in fire – andreya triana – lost where i belong
    nerd out c12 point powers words – heath mcnease – the gunshow
    american troglodyte – david byrne and fatboy slim – here lies love

    oslo – blonde redhead – penny sparkle
    rainbows in gasoline – the ghost of a saber tooth tiger (sean lennon & charlotte muhl) – (acoustic sessions)
    between the bars – elliott smith – an introduction to…elliott smith
    in the garden – carl broemel – all birds say
    i’m easy – jeremy joyce – the by and by ep
    dreamer – kadre – ain’t no woman
    rock crowd – pete yorn – py
    may this be love – jimi hendrix – west coast seattle boy: the jimi hendrix anthology radio sampler

    hypo – infantree – wouldwork
    cry on me woman – darker my love – alive as you are
    young aren’t young – the hundred in the hands – s/t
    if i could go back in time – jupe jupe – invaders
    tiny voice – j+j+j – high voltage feast is almost here
    paralyzing – zoe boekbinder – artichoke perfume
    time of the season – isobel campbell & mark lanegan – hawk

    sign of love – neil young – le noise

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