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    John E

    Souka Nayo– Baaba Maal– Nomad Soul
    Balla! –Fiamma Fumana– Home
    Festejo– Novalima– Karimba
    An Gwirder– Baka Beyond– East To West
    In Other Worlds– Azam Ali– Elysium For The Brave
    Wave– Angelite & Huun Huur Tu– Fly, Fly, My Sadness
    Weeping– Vusi Mahlasela– The Voice
    Night Bird– Deep Forest– Essence Of The Forest
    Hora Ca La Ursari– Taraf de Haidouks– self titled
    Ajmal Gharam– Zein Al-Jundi– Arabic Beat comp
    Te Tengo Que Quere– Manuel de Angustias– Destination: Spain comp
    Salvatoris– Garmarna– Hildegard Von Bingen
    Liwawechi– Miriam Makeba– Homeland
    Lyre Bird– Nomad– Songman
    Spell Monisola– Babatunde Olatunji– Love Drum Talk
    Playful Squirrels– Ananda Shankar– Sa-Re-Ga Machan
    Hit Song– Yoshida Brothers– III
    Kasbah 3 AM– Mohammed Al Hasan Abo Abid– Master of Egyptian Bellydance
    Filaw– Issa Bagayogo– Mali Koura
    Light Years– Susheela Raman– Music For Crocodiles
    Di Nagara Deungeun– Sabah Habas Mustapha & The Jugula All Stars– So La Li
    Ancestors Call– Huun Huur Tu and Carmen Rizzo– Eternal
    Moji Banana No Tatakiuri– Tadayoshi Ikawa– Japan Rough Guide comp
    Johnny Tarr– Gaelic Storm– Special Reserve
    North Part 1&2– Afrocelt Sound System– Vol 3 Further In Time
    Paddy In Zululand– Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul– self titled
    Raggle Taggle Gypsy– Calley McGrane & The Exiles– Taking Flight
    Another Round– Enter The Haggis– Casualties Of Retail
    Izzy’s Irish Rose– Black 47– Bankers And Gangsters
    Rusty Nails– Kila– Tog E Go Bog E
    Mouth Music– Dolores Keane & John Faulkner– Celtic Mouth Music comp
    The Postman Always Jigs Twice– Barleyjuice– Skullduggery Street
    Pretty Little Girl– Chieftains with Carolina Chocolate Drops– Voice Of Ages
    Northwards– Mouthmusic– The Order Of Things
    Never Drink ‘Em Dry (Johnny Tarr’s Funeral)– Gaelic Storm– Bring Yer Wellies

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