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    Welcome to another installment of ‘All Things Electronic’. You’re inside scoop on what is happening on the RPM Shelves in the WCNI RPM library.

    First of all, Its good to see activity. I guess there is a fan of Front 242 out there… Also, I notice people enjoy the sounds of Shaquille O’Neil on vinyl. Its great this region is being explored, but please, “PUT YOUR TOYS AWAY WHEN YOU ARE DONE”!!!!

    With that aside, lets get to the meat of this thread; New music in the RPM Library!

    First off, Elleeven news! Her new release; Funky Bohemia officially comes out this month. Listen to my Show – Controlled Voltage this Tuesday morning for an eexclusive listen featuring commentary from the artist! Also, check out the artist’s website. There are a few promotions going on with the new release and if you think you have ‘the skills’, there is a producer contest. Go to:


    New Music: One world crossover; Live ‘Punk Disco’; A couple of solo releases from big time dance producers; A pleathora of ElectroPop; oh, and some slammin’ remixes of essential Curtis Mayfield classics!!!

    First, the world. Check out Andre Afram Asmar’s ‘Race To The Bottom’. Its out on Mush and it tries to be techy with titles like ‘robophiloso’, ‘computermammals’, and ‘scientism’. But, to me the music seems more world than electronic. Give it a try, it might fuel your inner muse. Anyway, maybe I should collaborate with world music director the Skeleton Woman. Maybe we can come up with a formula if a world release has a certain percent of electronica or if an electronic release has a certain percent of ‘world’… Perhaps we can decide where it should go.

    Next, is ‘Kling Klang’ from Tussle. The preview says “Call it what you want – disco dancepunk; etc… Tussle consists of two drummers, live bass, found / constructed objects, and electronics. There is a noticable absence of guitar and vocals (better to bring out the dub side the review says) . Its good, but I felt it lacking… After about two minutes into a song, I was expecting more. Perhaps live, they come off better. Heck, just having two drummers on stage is exciting enough. But, I can think of many more bands with imbalanced or incomplete instrumentation that come off way better! But, who knows, maybe you ambient / sound collage DJs would love to layer some more textures over this . Most tracks are in the 140 bpm range, it might be too fast. Anyway, with an album named Kling Klang, I was expecting more of a Kraftwerk influence. Kling Klang probably refers to the percussive nature.

    Now, we have a couple of releases from some very well known producers in the dance field. First we have David Morales ‘2 Worlds Collide’. Morales has been in the game for a while. A few years back he was even awarded ‘Remixer of the Year’ ! For this release Morales takes the percussion duties and works with long time collaborator Eric Kupper providing the keyboard duty. There are a variety of vocalists including Tamra Keenan, Angela Hunte, Lea-Lorien, and Vivian Sessoms. You know you like this.

    Keeping with the producer theme, is Louie Vega’s “Elements of Life – Extensions”. Vega is most notably famous for working with Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzales as the “Masters at Work” – a title most fittingly deserved. There is a definate latin influence. Lots of Rhodes. Very hip / deep / jazzy. Awsome!

    Electro pop. We have the release ‘Psychic Cat’ by Kelli Ali. If you liked Madelin Zero’s ‘Dirty Purple’, chances are you will like this. So far, my favorite tracks are “Psychic Cat” and “Grafiti Boy”. While you are here check out the self release from Venomocean. Venomocean is an L.A. based electronic duo whose sound is 80’s inspired but with a more digital sound. There is some good songwriting, and acomplished vocals. A total class act.

    And last… Curtis Mayfield – REMIXED!!!! You know the classics: “Freddy’s Dead”. “Superfly”, and “People Get Ready”. The 10 tracks on this disc are remixed by some heavy hitters: Louie Vega, Ashley Beedle, Eric Kupper, Grandmaster Flash, King Britt, Blaze, Maurice Joshua, Eddie Baez, Stonebridge, and Mixmaster Mike. This is out on Rhino. And you dear reader know that Rhino puts out nothing half-assed. They always incude great liner notes, and a choice track selection (mix the well knowns with the obscure gems). Like the Chemical Brothers (in the last post) this collection has universal appeal. Rockers, electronica, hip hop, or whatever… You will be tempted to dip into some Mayfield, remixed Mayfield that is!

    I guess thats it for now. As always, keep your radio dial on 90.9FM and your web browser bookmarked to wcniradio.org. Request these new sounds during your favorite electronic/ dance shows and enjoy! Also, for more information, check out these links…


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