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    For any of the Tech-Heads out there, you know I am referencing the Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer (August, 8… 8/08… get it?). And yes, many of you will know the impact this piece of equipment has on electronic music as we know it… From smooth ballads to booty shakers (heck there are a few country songs that have used the 808!!!!) its sound has left quite a legacy. So, get in your car and blast Marvin Gaye’s ‘Sexual Healing’ or Afrika Bambaata’s ‘Planet Rock’. And for those you familiar with the Christopher Watkin SNL skit, yes, it is ok to ask for MORE COWBELL! 808 cowbell that is!

    Anyway, a bunch of new releases are making their way onto the RPM shelves…

    Annie Anniemal Big Beat

    Bliss Quiet Letters (U.S. Edition) Quango

    Death In Vegas Zugaga (remixes) The Lab

    Emotional Joystick Plays Zod

    Kyven Part of Love http://www.kyven.com

    Lali Puna I Thought I Was Over That Morr
    Rare, Remixed and B sides

    Minotaur Shock Maritime 4AD

    Mutamassuk Definative Works Soundink

    Ohn In The End, All Things Begin Ill Dough

    Proem Negative Merk

    Royksopp The Understanding Astral Werks

    Semaphore Make Laughing Shadow

    STS9 ARTiFACT ReMixes vol1 1320 Records

    The Free Design The Now Sound Light In The
    Redesigned Attic

    The Juan Maclean Tito’s Way DFA-Astral Werks

    Various American Rag CIE Quango

    Various The Kings of House BBE/ Rapster
    (Compiled by Masters at Work)

    Zuco 103 Whaa! Six Degrees

    Out of this list, releases that stand out are Annie’s Anniemal (I think you got the hint from last post!) and Royksopp’s “The Understanding”.

    If you liked the Decomposure, you’re going to love the Emotional Joystick. There is live Rhodes over the electronic perculations to make it more accessable.

    Minotaur Shock’s release Maritime has a couple of thigns going for it. First , its on 4AD. I think that gives it a built in audience. and they say if you like Boards of Canada, you will also like this one. I will agree.

    Zugaga (remixes) by Death In Vegas has this sort of Kraftwerk meets the Knight Rider theme going on. It works with The Juan Maclean single Tito’s way.

    If you liked the earlier compilation “The Kings of Funk” or the “Maestro” mix; it is in your best interest to explore “The Kings of House”. This is a two disc set where each of the Masters (at work) compile their favorite house gems.

    And, the biggest suprise is The Free Design’s “The Now Sound Redesigned” on Light In The Attic. This late 60’s brother / sister – soft psyh / bubblegum / now sound group is remixed by the likes of Madlib, Stereolab, Peanut Butter Wolf, Danger Mouse, Koushik, Kid Koala, and many more. I think you can sense my excitement.


    I could go on more, but the best thing to do is keep listening. 90.9FM WCNI, New London…

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