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    1/ lee perry-greetings
    2/ brian eno-king’s lead hat
    3/social distortion-moral threat
    4/rachid taha-rock el casbah
    5/the clash-clampdown
    6/tv on the radio-wash the day
    7/decemberists-the perfect crime#2
    8/deerhoof-my diamond star car
    9/deerhoof-panda panda panda
    10/reverend horton heat-revival
    11/decemberists-yankee bayonet(i will be home then)
    12/reverend horton heat-the millionaire
    13/vampire weekend-ottoman
    14/cat power-(i cant get no)satisfaction
    15/wilco-handshake drugs
    16/the cure-boys dont cry
    17/belle & sebastian-piazza,new york catcher
    18/the concretes-miss you
    19/kings of leon-sex on fire
    20/the smiths-this charming man
    21/the stranglers-golden brown
    22/the stranglers-how to find true love & happiness in the present day
    23/the good,the bad & the queen-80’s life
    24/sonic youth-swimsuit issue
    25/sonic youth-tom violence
    26/sonic youth-protect me you
    27/mercury rev-senses on fire
    28/say hi to your mom-sad,but endearingly so
    29/nine inch nails-the mark has been made
    30/the pierces-boring
    31/frank black-is she weird?
    32/moby-why does my heart feel so bad?
    33/ultravox-mr x
    34/ultravox-western promise
    36/the raconteurs-carolina drama
    37/death cab for cutie-the sound of settling
    38/david byrne/brian eno-one fine day
    39/neutral milk hotel-the king of carrot flowers pt.one
    40/the evens-cut from the cloth
    41/ryan adams-my winding wheel
    42/we are scientists-hoppipolla
    43/the pixies-wave of mutilation
    44/the wedding present-i’m from further north than you
    45/superchunk-hello hawk
    46/the mountain goats-woke up new
    47/xavier ruud-the world as we know it
    48/guided by voices-i am the scientist
    49/cat power-sea of love

    sorry for the ultravox overload in the middle but the lp was playing & due to a crozier williams emergency had to leave the building for a bit so the lp just kept playing until i was allowed back in

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