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    As we finished up September, many more new selections found their way on to the RPM shelves…

    Against Me! Don’t Lose Touch (mouse on mars mix)

    Anoushka Shankar Rise

    Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom The Days of Mars

    HVW8 Presents Music Is My Art

    King Britt Presents Sister Gertrude Morgan

    Mr. Oizo Moustache (Half A Scissor)

    Official Soundtrack Wipeout Pure!

    Princess Superstar My Machine

    Robert Strauss Quasars and Phasars

    Various Da-Nang (surplus * Indo-chine) Quango

    To start off, Against me!? Yes, they are a punk band on Fat Wreck Chords (home of Me First And The Gimmie Gimmies) and Mouse on Mars remixed this track. It falls into breakbeat territory, its clean, and playable… Since I am now on before one of the Metal shows, this could be a ‘bridge piece’ to work into the next genre…

    Anoushka Shankar’s Rise has rather subtle electronics (not as electronic as Suphala), but still very good. Hell, she is from the First Family…

    If you are into more ambient fare… check out Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom along with the Da-Nang compilation (Quango does it again with the product placement).

    Mr Oizo is back! If you remember Flat Eric and the Levi’s commercial (1999) then this is a welcome return. Start with the track ‘Stunt’. I am trying to figure out the cover art…

    Wipeout Pure! is a video game. and the CD is music either used in or inspried by the game… Anyway, its very good – mostly Acid tinged (harder than Pitch Black [NZ]) with some big names.

    Didn’t care for Princess Superstar. I guess this is sort of a ‘concept record’ set in the distant future. Heed the explicit language warning… Actually, don’t waste air time – pass on this one.

    If you like some danceable funk inspired house , check out Robert Strauss’ Quasars and Phasars. Good stuff…

    And lastly, I am suprised that we got the King Britt / Sister Gertrude project. It is a very timely release. Sister Gertrude recorded the original vocals at New Orlean’s Preservation Hall (accompanied by her tamboruine) in 1968 (she died in 1980) . King Britt took the last year to add new music to the orig. accapella. Keep a lookout for white label / bootleg remixes of this, could be interesting… Not that Britt did a bad job, but I felt in places, he could’ve gavet the Sister some more room… But with the current state of affairs in New Orleans, give this one a listen! Also, there is a good writeup on this in the recent issue of Remix.



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