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    Thunder and Lighting – Motorhead
    Still Echoes – Lamb Of God
    The Black Plot – High On FIre
    Beneath Broken Earth – Paradise Lost
    An Exercise In Debauchery – Armored Saint
    Not Your Slave – Battlecross
    Carcosa – High On Fire
    DWJ BTK id
    Flinch – Bring The Knife
    Ageless Decay – Crowbar
    Black Hearted Soul – Angra
    Pustulus id
    Madness at the Core of Time – Gwar
    JET SBC id
    Romeo Delight – Sam Black Church
    No Woods…No Backstage Pass! – Stompbox
    Caffeine – Faith No More
    Vengeance – Visigoth
    Long Haired Punks – Venom
    I Belong – Unhold
    Goliathan – Weedeater
    Station id
    Dressed To Kill – Station
    Planets 1&2- Vista Chino
    Prison – Tau Cross
    Shadow of Reality – The Valkyrie
    One Last Shelter – The Midnight Ghost Train
    The Canfield – The Midnight Ghost Train
    bedroomrehabcorporation id
    Caught In the Bite – Bedroom Rehab Corporation
    Battlefields – Big Business
    A Growing Disgust – Melvins
    Brian Overcast station id
    As a Whole – Overcast
    Diary of a Madman – Ozzy Osbourne
    Better by You, Better Than Me – Judas Priest
    Killers – Iron Maiden
    To Live Is to Die – Metallica
    Dyers Eve – Metallica

    "I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers." – Christopher Lee[b:9297ab3a22][/b:9297ab3a22][b:9297ab3a22][size=24:9297ab3a22][/size:9297ab3a22][size=18:9297ab3a22][/size:9297ab3a22][/b:9297ab3a22]

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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