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    I aired the interview I did with Brian Fair and Pete Cortese from Overcast. Lots of new music debuts as well. I will be taking next Saturday night off to go to the Napalm Death show in Worcester.

    Lord Gates
    WCNI Metal music director/DJ

    The Metal – Tenacious D
    Apocalypse Upon Us/Spun – Overcast
    Venom – From The Very Depths
    Lord Dying – Poisoned Altars
    The Agonist – Gates of Horn and Ivory
    Dirty Women – Black Sabbath
    School’s Out – Gwar
    Visigoth – The Revenant King
    PANZER – Mr. Nobrain
    Bullet Storm of Blades – Hawk Eyes
    Level 10 – Cry No More
    As a Whole – Overcast
    Over My Dead Body – Death Ray Vision
    Scar the Mind – Overcast
    For Indifferance – Overcast
    In the Mood – Transient
    Seven Foot Grin – Overcast
    Bleed Into One – Overcast
    As a Whole/Two Degrees – Overcast
    Shattered Frames – Death Ray Vision
    Aces High – Iron Maiden
    NAPALM DEATH – How The Years Condemn
    Blood In Blood Out – Exodus
    The Wild Beyond – Fire’s Body
    Soulfly – Ayatollah of Rock N Rolla
    Unhold – I Belong
    Of Great Sorrow/Dehumaned – Heiress
    Indian/Amnesia – Blackout
    Thulcandra – Throne of Will
    Gospel of the Witches – Mother[b:48ab804af9][/b:48ab804af9]

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