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    Playlist for 01-17-2015

    Replica – Fear Factory
    Marilyn Manson – Deep Six
    Rock City – Emigrate
    Engel – Rammstein
    Tradition – The Oxford Coma
    Hourglass – Voices
    Iblis bane – The Crown
    The Blood Beast – Marduk
    Poisoned Altars – Lord Dying
    I Endeavor – The Agonist
    Unleash – Annal Nathrakh
    Guillotine Queen – The Last Ten Seconds of Life
    Chrysalis – Dark Fortress
    Dearly Departed – Adrenaline Mob
    Screams in the Night – Night Demon
    Shark Attack – Wolf
    Minions – Torche
    Consuming the Tyrant/ – Unhold
    Emerging – Unhold
    I Belong – Unhold
    Southern Grave – Unhold
    Voice Within – Unhold
    Crows in Swine – Red Fang
    Bloodzilla – Orange Goblin
    Dawn of Decay – Ringworm
    Exactly What You Wanted – Helmet
    Salt the Wound – Exodus
    Stigmata – Ministry
    Hammer of Heaven – The Sword
    Battle at Sea – Mastodon
    Your Corrupt Ways – Witch Mountain
    Boleskin – Windhand
    Death Dying – Unhold
    Sweet Dreams – Probot

    The Godfather will be filling in for me next Saturday as I will be at the Bedroom Rehab Corporation/Blackout show in New London. See you in two weeks with a special OVERCAST show!

    Lord Gates[b:8870b0c0a7][/b:8870b0c0a7]

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