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    Cell – Gojira
    Violence Is Forever – Nails
    The Chase is Better than the Catch – Motorhead
    Holy Diver – Dio
    Nature Boy – Gozu
    Sundays are Stupid – Grizzlor
    I’m That Asshole – Grizzlor
    Snake Church – Ringworm
    When All You’ve Got is a Hammer – BRC
    Eye – Neurosis
    Pools of a Vernal Paradise – Obseqniae
    Tagebuch einer Totgeburt – Bethleham
    Mine Are the Eyes of God – C.O.C.
    Tranquilized – Acid Bath
    Cycle/Circle – Mythical Beast
    Sunday Driver – Cable
    Acid For Blood – Scissorfight
    Mask of Red Death – Enforcer
    Curse of the Damned – Night Demon
    Lonely is the Word – Black Sabbath

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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