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    One thing is for certain is that it takes time for a new release to catch on. But when they do, its for real. There is no hype or spin saying you have to play something. Perhaps you read a review in a magazine; you heard another DJ play a cut and you decided to explore it deeper; heck, whatever… What I am getting at is I find it interesting listening to other DJs as they discover these releases on their own – not because someone said they HAD to play something.

    Anyway, from the recent releases, I am really into the Spank Rock! go to http://www.spankrock.net to find out what they are all about. But, briefly; the beat productin is unique – using video game sounds, cheap drum machines (Korg DDD-1), and other budget equipment. Naneem (Disco MC) has quite the flow that appeals the nerd side as well as the booty! Play it , Love it , but don’t steal it!

    Now, for May, I’ve got a whole bunch of new releases on the shelf.

    Fe – Mail Blixter Toad Asphodel

    Groove Collective People People Music Music Savoy

    Junkie XL Today Ultra

    The Mackrosoft Antonio’s Giraffe Mackrosoft

    Matmos The Rose Has Teeth Matador
    In The Mouth Of A Beast

    The RH Factor Distractions Verve

    Roots Tonic Meets Bill Laswell ROIR

    Thievery Corporation Versions ESL Music

    Various Dub Club (Picked From The Floor) G-Stoned

    Voom Voom Peng Peng !K7

    Groove Collective, Mackrosoft, RH Factor, as well as Omar Sosa (from last month) go well together to make a lovely jazzy – hip set. Lots of electric piano, real brass, and tightly produced drums to get the vibe going. Out of this lot check out the RH factor – I sent a buzz over to the JazzMan to see if he feels it as well. Basically RH is Roy Hargrove on trumpet & fleugelhorn. Roy is assisted by quite the roster of talent including Renee Neufville (formally of the R&B duo Zhane) as well as some production help from D’angelo.

    Check out the Thievery Corp’s Versions. This is a collection of their recent remix work. Stellar tracks include (pretty much everything!) ‘This is Not A Love Song’ – yes a PiL redux as well as a remixes of The Doors, Anoushka Shakar, Bebel Gilberto, as well as some of their own recent work.

    I can’t say enough about Roots Tonic! Roots Tonic is Matisyu’s (the Hesidic reggae rapper ‘King Without A Crown’) backup band. Producer Bill Laswell kept these guys in the studio right after the ‘Youth’ sessions to produce this slice of dub goodness!

    And lastly Voom Voom could be considered an electronica ‘super group’ consisting of Peter Kruder, Christian Prommer, and Roland Appel. These guys are recognized for their work in Kruder & Dorfmeister, Truby Trio, and Fauna Flash. I think you can take it from there…

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