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$5 Bumper stickers: Two kinds! • Classic bumper sticker logo, black with white print, approx 4”x12” • “for the love of music!”, blue with white print, approx 3”x11.5” $5 Eye-Opening Sticker: Round, white with red and black “eye opening” logo, UV resistant, 4” diam. $15 Eye-Opening Coaster Set of 4: Made from recycled CDs by one of our DJs! “Eye-opening” logo, slip-resistant cork backing. $5 Window Sticker: Round, black and white Pyramid logo, approx. 3.25” diam. Goes on inside of window. $10 Keychain Bottle Opener: Cobalt blue with white print, “For the Love of Music!” and website. Aluminum, with can tab opener.

  • If you would like to receive one of our thank you gifts, you must call 860-439-2850 to make a pledge, even when paying by PayPal or credit card.

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