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    Lately, there has been quite a bit of music coming into the station for RPM consumption. This is really a good thing. Though, at times it seems like it takes a lot more of my time, the benefits of listening, playing, and promoting new music outweighs any minor inconvenience.

    Right now, with the hot weather, we are definately in the thick of summer. Enjoy it while we can! Pretty soon the back to school fliers will be in the newspapers and the days will grow colder (and shorter)… This brings me to what makes for good summer listening?

    Traditionally, summer music (to me) is of a lighter nature. The tempos are slower, the arrangements not as heavy, etc… You know, ‘Summer Breeze’ by Seals & Kroft, ‘Groovin’ by The Rascals, ‘Under The Boardwalk’, etc… But yet, I have written that I felt Fatal Film’s track “Rocks” has a ‘song of summer’ feel. Something about the ‘London Calling-esque’ chug. Also, when I read a review of Hawke’s latest release “Love Won Another” described as a summer album. I decided to think about other recent releases in this context.

    First, I pretty much forgot about Asphalt Jungle’s “Enjoy This Trip” from April. Sure it had the big beat thing going (especially if you are a fan of Fatboy Slim and the Chems), But, I remember their review called their music ‘guitar based techno’. That sort of truned me off I guess. Sure you could argue that the ‘rig’ used by Vernon Reid is prety hi-tech. But to me, the basic building block for techno related music would be the drum machine. What ever instruments you add would be auxillary. Anyway, I heard one of our reggae shows end with the Asphalt Jungle remix of Bob Marley’s “Please Don’t Rock My Boat” I was instantly wowed (again). So, I’ll put this track on the list of ‘summer music’!

    In a similaar vein, check out “Rough Out There” by Noiseshaper. What first got my attention was the KLF speakers on their album cover. Come to find out, they are a duo based out of Berlin doing some more electronic flavored dub-style reggae. The featured vocalist on the album goes by the name Juggla. But, the real kicker here is the remix of ‘Kung Fu Fighting” featuring Carl Douglas!

    Back to the Hawke Release. I guess this would be some sort electro-pop… Balearic beats and dreamy, melodic dance production. Moving vocals singing hopeful lyrics. Uplifting tunes for a not-so-uplifting time. These have been some words used to describe this release. Guest musicians are a-plenty here. Check out the website for more info.

    An unusual contender for a sound of summer would be Koushik’s ‘be with’ . Its on Stone’s Throw – doesn’t sound like a Stones Throw release. Haunting vocals floating over intricate beats. Obscure samples of fee jazz, psych rock, etc… Must be the sample thing that caught the attention of Stones Throw…

    The release that is going to wear out the CD player (especially during my show) is the latest release ‘Anniemal’ from Norwegian based artist ‘Annie’. This is some wonderfully slick electro-pop album. In various tracks I am hearing influences of the Tom Tom Club (Chewing Gum); Human League (Me Plus One); and New Order (Heartbeat). Annie has a sweet voice that rises over the production to add an organic feel to the music. Also, a lot of the lyrics refer to Annie in the third person. I think this adds an extra luster to the charm.

    Also check out the latest from Royksopp “Understanding” This, like Annie’s release was recorded in Norway. In some of the tracks I think I am hearing influences of Depeche Mode. Hmmm….

    And lastly, in keeping the summer vibe. Check out the release ‘ Pyramid In Your Backyard’ by Praful. Like the recent release by Meat Beat Manifesto, this is also a genre defying electronic, multicultural, and jazzy sounding release. If Jack Danger’s bass clarinet is making you ask for more! I would suggest you put Praful into the player. This multi-instrumentalist’s flute and reed work may hold you over a little bit.

    This is only a small sampling of whats on the RPM shelf here at WCNI. This is the stuff that has been tickling my ears lately and I hope you enjoy it too. Thanks to all the DJs for playing this stuff, and a big thanks to all the listeners who are enjoying it.


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