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    Summer is officially here and here are some new releases on the RPM Shelves for you to check out here at WCNI. There are some anticipated new releases as well as some new unexpected suprises.

    First of all, the anticipated releases are Moby’s ‘Hotel’ (V2); New Order’s Waiting For The Siren’s Call’ (Warner Brothers); and Nine Inch Nails ‘With Teeth’ (interscope). There are plenty of reviews out there for you to find out more (my first stop would be Remix Magazine vo.l 7 no. 5 May 2005) So, for me to further elaborate here would be ludicrious. But, I do have to say I am liking the New Order. I have been hooked ever since I heard ‘True Faith’ back in ‘87. It definately set a path for me (and many others).

    After listening to some of the new releases, some of the releases that are reaching the top of my ‘list’ include Fauna Flash’s ‘Worx The Remixes’ (Defend Music) and ‘Queue For Love’ by Populous (Morr music).

    I am still listening to (and absorbing) these new releases. So far, more experimental types should check out Richard Devine’s ‘Cautella’ (Sublight) – especially if you were into the Blipvert release a few months back. Also, Electro / World types should check out Suphala’ s ‘The Now (Rasa). Suphala is a classically trained Indian percussionist (Tabla) whose new release features guest appearances by Norah Jones, Vikter Duplaix, Mazz Swift, Vernon Reid, and many more. Also, Salman Rushdie is a fan. I guess that counts for something (in a Scissor Sisters / Elton John sort of way) …

    And, this just in for fans of the recent crop of classic songs remixed (Atlantiquity, Mayfield, etc) check out the new Motown Remixed. Similar pool of remixers as on previous projects; but the approach is different. Instead of twisting a track into something totally new, All of these remixers had the distinct privlidge of working with the master multi-tracks and re-worked from the ground up! So, its the same Motown you know and love – but ‘fresher’…

    I also have to mention the Meat Beat Manifesto’s ‘At The Center’(Thirsty Ear)! This is really cool! Mr Jack Dangers is credited as playing bass, bass clarinet, and bass flute (as well as ‘everything else’) And being on Thirsty Ear’s ‘Blue Series’, this stuff has a sort of spy/crime jazz dark flavor. Worth a spin!!! Heck, Today’s NL Day (6/5/05) had a mention of this release. The article said you wouldn’t (normally) hear this kind of thing on radio. Guess what, we have it and I will make sure it gets heard!!!

    Anyway, the rest of the releases include:
    Richard Devine, Cautella (Sublight)
    Fauna Flash,Worx The Remixes (Defend Music)
    Helios, Unomia (Merck)
    Kid Loco, The Graffiti Artist (Mettray Reformatory)
    Meat Beat Manifesto, At The Center (Thirsty Ear)
    Moby , Hotel (V2)
    Motown Remixed, Various (Motown)
    New Order, Waiting For The Siren’s Call (Warner Bros);
    Nine Inch Nails, With Teeth (Interscope)
    Nobody, And Everything Else (PlugResearch)
    Populous, Queue For Love (Morr Music)
    Suphala, The Now (Rasa)

    Thats it for now, I will elaborate more on some of these releases, but ask your favorite DJ or check them out yourself. Where else are you going to hear this stuff? WCNI, of course!


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