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    Just when you think that there was no more music that would come in (I figured, heck the year was ending, we got the Holiday release) we were all set. Oh no sir-ee! Looks like five more releases came into my in-box this last week. Personally I like it when just a few come in. This way, I can listen and evaluate them a little more so before releasing them to the airwaves.

    First of All, is No Silence from ATB. Yes the same ATB that had the fluffy club ‘hit’ “Around The World” A few years back. I believe that song still gets play on the Q (blech). Its nice… some epic trance-like stuff with a few songs with a trip-hop feel thrown in for good measure. There are a few guest vocalists including a newcomer Madelin Zero. The album flows nicely so let it play if you are lookng to set that kind of mood.

    Dirty Vegas is back with a new release “One”. With their Mitsubishi ‘days gone by’ (pun intended) this trio has shed the dance floor for a more electro-pop (standard song structures) format. The lead single is “Walk Into The Sun”. Of course the 12″ has the dance remixes. But, we’re stuck with the CD.

    Back on the Trip-Hop tip, we have a new release from Suisse Modular http://www.suissemodular.com. It is a nice ambient deal with a little drum&bass elements thrown in. If you are into Hooverphonic, Portishead, Morcheeba, etc. You may dig this.

    For a pleasent suprise we have “Triple Acid Foot” from BlipVert. This takes a little effort to listen to but is worth it. Digital Noise-iness, multi layers, and computer goodness abound. It sounds oh so familiar but yet distant. If you are into Kid 606 and Skinny Puppy, try it! Winslow just informed me that Blipvert is a reference to Max Headroom (remember the 80’s). Blipvert has something to do with receiving too much information at once (which can cause one’s head to explode). Now it all makes sense!

    And Lastly, we have the debut “Dirty Purple” from Madelin Zero http://www.madelinzero.com. This was sent with the ATB release since she sings on a few of the tracks on ATB’s No Silence. Also, ATB lends a production hand on a few tracks here. My first impression of Ms. Zero is a cross between Avril Lavigne and (Berlin’s) Terri Nunn. Not a bad mix I do have to say! But, she looks oh so young… Anyway, to get your Berlin fix, check out “Cold Professional” (reminds me of ‘Metro’ – Yeah!). Also listen to the lead single “Gold Star”. Madelin Zero plays the 80’s thing in a cute way.

    And lastly. Play / Request songs from “A Very Unschooled Christmas”. If you are feeling tame, check out the remakes of “Do They Know its Christmas”(Band Aid) by Capt. Ahab and “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” (Phil Spector) by 1980. Feeling a bit more adventurous? Check out “Jingle Bells” by Ochre and “Little Drummer Boy” by Decomposure. And lastly, the gem here is “O Come O Ye SKATESful” by SKATES. At 1:40, it won’t take up too much of your time.

    And speaking of time, there are a few releases on the ROCK shelves worthy of mention to the electronic listener. These releases have cross-over appeal that DJs of various genres can grab onto. If you liked the Christmas track by SKATES, check out their full release “Lord Of The Rinks”. Also, Todd, the ‘beatmaker’ of this ensemble, is the outfit Books On Tape.

    With a lean to the 80’s once again, the original lineup of Duran Duran is back together. Astronaut is the name of the album. If you were a fan ‘back in the day’, this one is worthy of your attention. C’mon! You know the first time you heard the opening arpeggio on RIO, you saved your money mowing lawns and cleaning pools to get yourself a Juno 60. 🙂

    Client’s release ‘City’ is a dual female electronic duo. Lots of analog synths here. Heck, Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore lends guest vocals on the track ‘Overdrive’. And guess what, its on a Mute Records sub-label.

    And lastly, check out Solvent’s “Apples & Synthesizers”. This one is growing on me… Not the way Madelin Zero is 🙂 (Musically, get your mind out!) Using vintage analog synths, this is the real deal! Not quite for the dancefloor, but not electro-clash either. Its got substance!

    Thats it for now. I think this keep your ears busy for a while. Remember, Keep your radio locked on to 90.9 FM! WCNI New London!

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