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    Oh, I can’t believe it is the middle of Feb. and I havent’ posted a new playlist. During most of the month of January, we were off the air and got some much needed renovations. It was great to see how people got together for this to happen. Our new engineer John worked tirelessly to wire up everything to the new board. I’d like to thank everyone else (Margaret, Ken, Bridgett, and anyone else I’m sure to forget) who put a lot of themselves into getting this new studio off and running.

    I’ll bet there is no other radio studio out there like this. We are able to play vinyl again! And we are able to play MP3s and of course audio CDs…

    Anyway, for January, I’ve added some new titles to the RPM library…

    2 Bit Pie 2 Pie Island One Little Indian

    Blotnik Brothers Mizuage Satamile

    Cerrone By Bob Sinclar Recall

    Deepface Feel The Love Fly Music

    Dezrok The Love You Feel Burn Records

    Funkstorung Appendix !K7

    Herbert 100 lbs (bonus re-release) !K7

    Noiseshaper Real To Reel Miracle Sounds

    Siliconscally Bioroid Satamile

    Emilie Simon The Flower Book Advance Music

    Skinny Puppy Mythmaker SPV Records

    Torpedo Boyz Headache Music Sounds From The Roof

    Various Rio Baile Funk – Essay
    More Favela Booty Beats

    Various 8-Bit Operators Astralwerks
    (the music of Kraftwerk performed on vintage 8-bit game systems)

    Walter Meego Romantic Brilliante

    So far, I am liking everything on this list. I am very sweet on Dezrok’s single ‘The Love You Live’ Perhaps in the future, it will be on Malcolm’s top 10.

    Skinny Puppy enter their 20th anniversary with this new album – I can’t believe it has been that long…

    Emilie Simon is a vocalist from France. Her voice is similar to the vocalist used on the Wax Tailor record. She covers Iggy Pop on ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’. And, check out the name, she has also done the soundtrack to the French version of the March Of The Penguins movie.

    From what I’ve read, Baile Funk is a really big thing in Rio. They have all night dance parties to this stuff. Baile funk is a mutant strain of Hip Hop using discarded computers (tracks are originally traded as MP3s).

    If you like Fatboy Slim’s brand of breakbeats, give the Torpedo Boyz a try.

    And lastly, this is something else…. Classic Kraftwerk tracks performed on vintage 8- bit systems (gameboys, Commodore 64, NES, etc…)! These tracks do not sound cheesy at all. They are faithfully performed and in my opinion adhere to the spirit of Kraftwerk (making music that pushes the limits of technology).

    I will be writing back with some new things for February, check back soon.


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