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    We’ve got some more great stuff on the shelves worthy of your listen!

    First of all, we have the single to the Prodigy’s ‘Hot Ride’! If you don’t already know, this song is a take on the 5th Dimension’s hit (up up and away in my beautiful balloon) but with a hard electronic twist. Also, guest vocalist is none other than Juliette Lewis (yes, the actress). On the single, vocals are shared with Keith Flint! Fans of the ‘classic prodigy lineup’ (with dual MCs Keith Flint & Maxim) will dig the El Batori mixes.

    On the Swinging side of things, we have a continuous mix from Ursula 1000 ‘Ursadelica’. Listener’s who are familiar with my show may know of the Power Puff Girls remix that I sometimes drop. Yes, its an Ursula 1000 remix on pink vinyl! For the uninitiated, lets imagine if Austin Powers was throwing (another?) party. Ursula 1000 would be one of the top DJs on his list. Ursuladelica features an eclectic style from jazzy breaks to mod freakbeats, to latin movers, to boogaloo groovers (so the press sheet states). Fun stuff indeed!

    In keeping with the ” – ” delic theme, new to the shelves is the ‘Lazy Lover EP’ from Brazillian Girls. Its actually on Verve – a jazz label. Hower, like the artist’s name implies, it is electronic infused bossa nova. Makes for a good opening act for some Ursuladelica later (if you know what I mean… aren’t you feeling randy?! Oh behave…)

    And lastly, of note we’ve got some electro-pop form Hibernate and Senor Kasio. The Senor Kasio track ‘Big Fake Turkey’ features some spoken clips from ‘Dubya’ himself. Just in time for Thanksgiving! Somebody, please pass the swill!

    Keep listening to WCNI and ask your favorite electronic DJs to play these tracks!

    P.S. I did some lookng and found out the Scissor Sisters have a bunch of singles/ and remixes out there. There are mixes of Comfortably Numb by none other than Fatboy slim (sold out!) and Tiga. Also Filthy/Gorgeous has a few variations as well. Hopefully, I will acquire some of these for my private stock.

    (Barry Gibb voice falsetto) I I I’ve become (come) Comfortably Numb…

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