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    O.K. , here are some more newer stuff. After checking out the ‘anticipated’ releases from the Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, and Mouse on Mars; there are some other stuff that is really deserving of a listen.

    First, we have elleeven. Mind you the first and last e’s are reversed (to look sort of like a pronunciation symbol?) This is the ep Rolling Stone, which hypes up the upcoming January 05 release of “Funky Bohemia”. The sticker labels it Electronic Groove Pop. But, it has enough of a Drum & Bass feel that you know I will be putting into my sets!

    Next, is Mark Rae’s “Into The Depths”. This one could go into the Hip Hop section, but I feel it will have a better home in the Electronic section… More to do with old school & northern soul, this album bridges the gap between hip hop & funk-jazz with a sophisticated and mature sound. A welcome – unexpected suprise.

    Also, there Is DJ Signify’s “Sleep No More”. This one is also a genre defying release. To file in hip hop or not… Anyway like its title suggests, this is some very dark trip-hop. Let this one flow; if you need to kick an hour, each track flows right into the next. There is some profanity in one of the later tracks. I would suggest this one for late night listening only.

    And lastly, here is Sagor & Swing’s “Orgelplaneten/Hapna”! Sagor & Swing is an organ/drums duo from Sweeden. Like the surf band Laika & the Cosmonauts, they take on a genre that is not native to them and do it quite well. Many of the songs have a ‘nifty retro-electro vibe’. So, if you know why The Animals “House of the Rising Sun”, the Doors “Light My Fire” ?’s “96 Tears” are so cool-ass, you know where I am going here. Also, if you have a clue about Hot Butter’s ‘Popcorn’ and Dick Hymen’s ‘Electric Ecclectics’, this CD is going to get some well deserved play! As I put on the sticker; “More fun than Mediski, Martin, & Wood! Better than Stereolab on a stick!”. Enjoy

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