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    One of the first artists that I got to review when I became RPM director was the debut by the Scissor Sisters. This CD was cast off to my bin in a nondescrept red envelope (no jewel case) with the cryptc scissor logo.

    Upon listening to it, I was hooked! I loved the Pink Floyd cover of Comfortably Numb. The band took an otherwise sad song and turned it into dancefloor gold. With its Kraftwerk style beats and Bee – Gees falsetto vocals, how could you not like it! Also, there were many other tracks on the album that are very good.

    So, in the next few months, the album took off! I remember reading a magazine article in a Quick Lube place about Elton John who said that he was a fan and might collaborate with the band in the future.

    Well, guess what! The future happedend August 15th! The teaser single
    "I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’" from the upcoming album Tah -Dah (due out end of Sept) is out now. The single, currently available on Apple’s iTunes store is what we have been waiting for. The track starts off with a piano chug that reminds me of the 4 Season’s Oh What A Night. The vocals have that Bee Gees influence, and even though the lyrics are sort of sad, the beat is is truly on the up.

    I spent $0.99 to make sure the WCNI masses can hear this! I can’t wait for the physical single to come out, hopefully there will be different remixes. Also, I hope we receive the full album soon.

    In other teaser single news, the Brazillian Girls are coming out with a new album soon. Right now, we got the single "Jique". There are 5 mixes to keep up the variety.

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