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    For September, 2006 WCNI RPM received quite a bit of new releases!

    Alias & Tarsier Plane That Draws A White Line Anticon

    Asphalt Jungle Jungalization BHP Music

    Brazillian Girls Talk To La Bomb Verve

    Breaks Co-Op The Sound Inside Astralwerks

    BT This Binary Universe Binary Acoustics

    Clark Body Riddle Warp

    Daedelus Thow A Fit -EP Alpha Pup

    Darkel Darkel Astralwerks

    Delicate Noise Diversion Lens

    Richard Dorfmeister vs. Madrid de los Austrias Grand Slam G-Stone

    Ellee Ven Project 11 vol. 4 Hot Sauce

    Flying Lotus 1983 Plug Research

    Four Tet Remixes Domino

    Honeycut The Day I Turned To Glass Quannum Projects

    Junior Boys So This Is Goodbye Domino

    Land Shark Land Shark Coco Machete

    London Sinfonietta Warp Works & Twentientieth Century Masters Warp

    Messer Fur Frau Muller Triangle, Dot, & Devil Aero! CCCP

    ph10 presents BK United Helmutplex Intustries

    Dani Siciliano Slappers !K7

    DJ Soul Slinger Classics Pt. 1 BHP Music

    Thumbtack Smoothie Fall Back Quaketrap

    Various ESL Remixed (100th release) ESL Music

    Right now, I am quite into Alias & Tarsier. Also Dani Siciliano, Ellee Ven, Brazillian Girls, and Dorfmeister vs MDLA demand your attention.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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