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    [size=12:42fee3e7f5]Friday on My Mind – The Easybeats
    Poor Mohammad – Procol Harum
    Cry Baby Cry – The Beatles
    Dire Wolf – Grateful Dead
    Now I Wanna Hold Your Dog – The Dead Milkmen
    Back to Normal – The Reducers
    Helen Wheels – Paul McCartney
    Trailways Bus – Paul Simon
    Hudson – Vampire Weekend
    Regret – St Vincent

    The Dome – S Carey
    Kindred Spirit – eels
    Yellow Man – Nilsson
    Strawman – Lou Reed
    Shut Up – The Monks
    Liberty Street – The New Basement Tapes
    Stage Freight – The Band
    A Few Minutes of Silence – Paul Westerberg
    The King is Half Undressed – Jellyfish
    What’s the Matter With You – Split Enz

    Mystery Achievement – The Pretenders
    On My Way to Hell – The Vibrators
    Animals – Talking Heads
    Solitude is Bliss – Tame Impala
    Charlie Don’t Surf – The Clash
    Trail of Tears – The Budos Band
    Not That Funny – Camper van Beethoven
    Someone Will Pay – Justn Townes Earle
    Deathly – Aimee Mann
    Kill Eye – Crowded House

    Would You Fight For My Love – Jack White
    Don’t Act Like Your Heart Isn’t Hard – Juanes
    War on Culture – Carbon / Silicon
    License To Kill – Bob Dylan
    Political Science – Randy Newman
    Someone To Pull the Trigger – Matthew Sweet
    True Believers – The Black Angels
    How to Be Dumb – Elvis Costello
    Vagabond Virgin – Traffic
    Bullet Proof…I Wish I Was – Radiohead

    Better Than TV – Neil Finn
    Misery is the River of the World – Tom Waits
    Trouble – Ryan Adams
    Quick Like a Flash – The New Basement Tapes
    I Was Raised in Babylon – Yusuf
    When I Look at the World – Lucinda Williams


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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