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    Playlist for 02-07-2015

    Curious – Byzantine
    Cold Hands – Call of the Void
    Throne of Will – Thulcandra
    Annihilation Affair/4 Loose Men – Torche
    Dark Terror/Ork Splitter – Stone Tools
    Grifter (live) – Overcast
    Curse of the Damned – Night Demon
    Dungeon Master – Visigoth
    From the Very Depths – Venom
    A Wound Outside of Time – Lord Dying
    Gates of Horn and Ivory – The Agonist
    Metaphorically Screw You – Napalm Death
    Black Sabbath Medley – Adrenaline Mob
    Twilight of the Gods – Blind Guardian
    Metal Police – Gehennah
    Road Less Traveled – Sick of it All
    Nothing at All – Slapshot
    King of Blood – Ringworm
    Face Down – Axehandle
    As the Pages Burn – Arch Enemy
    Let Us Slay – GWAR
    Go to Hell – GWAR
    The Birthing – Baroness
    Return to Zero – Floor
    Mine Are the Eyes of God – Corrosion of Conformity
    The Hell In Me – Killswitch Engage
    How the Gods Kill – Danzig
    All For Show – Jesuseater
    Guilty – Lamb of God
    Broken Bottles – Iron Reagan
    Towering – Unhold
    SadioWitch – Electric Wizard
    Une Charogne – Hessian
    For All the Wrong Reasons – The Hidden Hand
    Barfly – Death Ray Vision
    Metal Militia – Metallica
    Desert Plains – Judas Priest
    The Prisoner – Iron Maiden

    Next Saturday it’s all about the LOVE….Heavy Metal style of course!
    Lord Gates

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