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    In my previous post, I mentioned that My Robot Friend (the artist, not MY robot friend) has a song on his album ‘Hot Action’ called ‘We’re The Pet Shop Boys’ And apparently, the Pet Shop Boys themselves like the song enough to use it live. At first I couldn’t believe that the PS Boys were still together – and touring! I just did a search on Amazon and heck, last spring there is an import single called (of all things) ‘Flamboyant 2’ featuring a remix by none other than the Scissor Sisters!

    This brings me to some more current “artists that I thought were done are coming out with new releases this year”! First is the Chemical Brothers. Their new album Push The Button (Astralwerks) is out now. But more surprisingly is the return of Erasure! Like the Pet Shop Boys, Erasure is another UK based synth duo. The originators, if you will. Their new album Nightbird (Mute) is due out in February. Now, if we actually get any of these in the studio, that’s another question. I wouldn’t hold my breath in anticipation – but surprises can, and do happen.

    Speaking of surprises, back in the fall I received a release from west coast electronic artist Ellee Ven. Her EP “Rolling Stone” is a showcase of things to come for the full length ‘Funky Bohemia’. I originally liked the ep because two of the tracks were in the ‘Drum N Bass’ tempo zone (160-180bpm) so, it immediately fit into what I was already doing. Recently, her label Hot Sauce Records sent out an e-mail seeing if there was interest in her upcoming release. A few replies later, and VOILA, WCNI now has their own copy of ‘FUNKY BOHEMIA’. This is not officially being released until March, but we’ve got it! For those of you that are familiar with ‘Rolling Stone’; you now have 10 more tracks to enjoy! And for those DJs who would complain that it isn’t their style… there are three versions if the track ‘Under My Skin’ (which, is also on the EP Rolling Stone). The original version is at 179 bpm. The Dave Gadbois Club Remix is a 130bpm house affair; while the Dezrok remix is a hip-house groover at 105 bpm. So, no matter where you’re at, there is a remix to fit your style.

    In the next few months, look out for Ellee Ven. In March, she will be touring to promote Funky Bohemia. And yes, that means coming to the east coast (maybe somewhere closer to here?). Hopefully, I will be able to have more show information (maybe some tickets?) as it becomes available. And perhaps an interview!

    I am still getting the hang of this RPM music direction bit. But, it seems like WCNI is getting noticed for its electronic programming. And, that is a good thing. We’ve got some great DJs. And when you listen to their shows, you can tell they have a passion for what they are playing. Heck, I was floored when I heard a Labie Siffre track being dropped on one show! For those who don’t know (myself included – until I was enlightened…) Siffre’s “I Got The…”
    is the basis (interpolation) for a well known Eminem track.

    Anyway, check out these links for more information about the artists mentioned. If you contact any of them, say that you heard them on WCNI, New London!


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