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    First, the good news, 5 New releases to be added to the shelves. Smooth Chill “The Radio Singles”;, Marc Antoine “Modern Times”; Oliver Peoples “4”; Tom & Joy ” Antigua”; Alias & Ehren “Lillian”; And “Michael Jackson” has been re-released by Fatboy Slim. For the most part, these discs continue with the ‘Summer Chill’ sound that has been coming in lately I will give a more detailed review soon…

    Today, I learned of the death of Bob Moog. To any fan of electronic music, you know who he is. To parallell, he would be in the same league as Leo Fender, Les Paul, and Jim Marshall. A musical instrument designer whose instruments (Minimoog, etc) brought electronic sound to the masses. Come to think of it, the name Moog and Synthesizer were synonimous (i.e ‘performed on the Moog by Walter Carlos). Tonight, on my show I am dedicating a big chunk of time to music performed on Moog synthesizers. Just think, when I was being trained in the ways of WCNI, for my evaluation (second hour of The Old Wave Show) I played a set of vintage Moog pop.

    You can find out more the man and his legacy via these links…




    Hopefully, Bob Moog and Leon Therimin will be spending a lot of time together. Perhaps an occasional luncheon with Leo Fender…

    Lets get ‘Switched On”!

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