Blues November 27, 2019
Position..        Artist.. Title.. Label
1.. Johnny Burgin.. Live.. Delmark
2.. Lucky Peterson.. Just Warming Up.. Harmonia Mundi
3.. Dave Specter.. Blues From The Inside Out.. Delmark Records
4.. Paul Gabriel.. Man of Many Blues.. Smoke Ring Records
5.. Compilation.. Sean Costello Tribute, Don’t Pass Me By Landslide Records
6.. Eddie 9V.. Left My Soul In Memphis.. Out of The Past Music
7.. Joanna Connor.. Rise.. M.C. Records
8.. Junior Watson.. Nothin’ To It   But To Do It.. Little Village
9.. Toronzo Cannon.. The Preacher, The Politician or The Pimp.. Alligator Records
10.. Bob Margolin.. This Guitar And Tonight.. Vizztone
11.. Giles Robson.. Don’t Give Up On The Blues.. American Showplace Music
12.. Diane Blue.. Look For The Light.. Regina Royale Records
13.. Breezy Rodio.. If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It.. Delmark Records
14.. Annika Chambers.. Kiss My Sass.. Vizztone
15.. Rich Estrin & The Nightcats.. Contemporary.. Alligator Records
16.. Coco Montoya.. Coming In Hot.. Alligator Records
17.. Jimmy “Duck” Holmes.. Cypress Grove.. Easy Eye Sound
18.. Troy Gonyea.. Click Click Spark.. Lotus Eater Records
19.. Johnny Rawls.. I Miss Otis Clay.. Third Street Cigar Records
20.. Biscuit Miller And The Mix.. Chicken Grease.. American Showplace Music..
21.. Van Morrison.. Three Chords & The Truth.. Exile Records
22.. Screamin’ John & TD Lind.. Mr. Little Big Man.. Down In The Alley Records
23.. GA-20.. Lonely Soul.. Karma Chief Records
24.. Charlie Wooton Project.. Blue Basso.. Wild Heart Records
25.. Catfish Keith.. Catfish Crawl.. Fish Tail Records