COVID-19 Temporary Shutdown

To ensure the long-term health and safety of our DJs during the imminent COVID-19 pandemic, WCNI regrets to announce that we will suspend our live radio shows at the close of business on Saturday, March 14th. We hope to resume live broadcasts on May 1st.

We are currently setting up an automatic program which will broadcast music from our digital library, until we can resume our regular live programming. We will post updates on our website and on Facebook.
—- update: robo-dj is now on air, playing fine tunes from our library! check it out!

We hope that all of our listeners stay safe and healthy during this critical time. WCNI will be back with you as soon as reasonably possible. Thank you all for your understanding and support.

Brian is NACC’s MD of the month

Brian, our music director, has been named NACC’s Music Director of the month for June! Features a fine playlist and photo, as well as Q&A. NACC is North American College and Community Radio organization who we update with our charts.

Summer Schedule

The summer program schedule runs from May 13th to September 9th.

Open House

Don’t forget our annual Fundraiser Open House will be happening for 2 weekends this year!

Marathon April 1-14th

Our annual fundraising marathon is running Monday April 1st through the 14th.

new blue knit cap

Spring Schedule

The spring schedule is online and runs from February 4th through May 12th

Winter Schedule

The winter schedule will run from Dec 10 – Feb 10

Fall Schedule

Fall schedule runs through Dec 9th

RDS Test

We’re conducting a test with one of our side channels and it includes the Radio Data System on our FM broadcast. Hopefully, you’re enjoying seeing our logo scroll across the screen of your RDS enabled radio! The test ends in late August but we hope to keep the RDS going after that.

Schedule updates

Yes it’s summer and that means our students are gone so we’re bound to have schedule changes. That doesn’t mean there won’t be fine programming airing so just tune in and enjoy!